Video Players for Android

Android suffers from not having a good across the board player, especially for HLS. There appear to be a few approaches:

  1. Chance it with the native player
  2. Link through to a VLC variant using Android NDK/JNI
  3. Link through to a ffmpeg variant using Android NDK/JNI
  4. Run a HLS proxy that converts the HLS to RTSP and then sends RTSP to the native player (SOL HLS does this)


Is this the builtin player for Androidn 4.?

NXP Cinexplayer

Sol HLS Player

Looked promising as it is supposed to just pickup the mime-type and then control the playback but had trouble getting it to pick up the stream.

Note that if you want to like to a live HLS stream use the intent httplive:// works very well and even with a token protected Akamai stream.

After more testing am less convinced on this one as it takes the stream and then does a live transmux from HLS to RTSP and pipes that to the local player. The end result can be quite a lot of pixelisation.

Ooyala Hook

Only works with the Ooyala backend and appears to be based on the VisualOn player. Overall this works quite well and is really easy to integrate if you are on the Ooyala platform.


The VisualOn player has an impressive pedigree with clients such as Netflix on the books. The player will support HLS and MS Smooth Streaming with the Smooth variant also supporting PlayReady DRM (as used by Netflix).

The player is not free however and expect to pay upfront and per device costs for this.


amffmpeg / amplayer from XBMC Android port


ffmpeg/libav variant

To do this you will need a Linux environment






DIY Ffmpeg!

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