Setting up a simple proxy config to test geoblocking (or get around geoblocking)

This assumes you have 2 or more devices connected to the same network and that one of the machines is set up to run a proxy server such as Charles Proxy. This also serves as a simple tutorial on how to get devices to use a secure proxy/vpn/tunnel to either test or bypass IP based geo blocking / restriction services.

You will also need an ssh server such as a basic Linux instance in one of the Amazon regions.

1. On your OS X machine setup a ssh tunnel, note you need to replace the path to your .pem and also make sure you have the correct username and server address

ssh -D 8080 -C -N -i /path/to/your/server.pem

2. Now that you have a port forward running you need to configure your Charles Proxy to also forward it’s traffic via this config, do this using “External Proxy Settings”

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 3.02.55 pm


3. Your proxy should no be listening on the port you setup e.g. port 8888 by default on Charles. Now configure your iOS or other device to point to the OS X device setup in step 1 as the proxy server.

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