Playing HEVC/H.265 on Android with ffmpeg, libx265 and Vitamio

After testing out quite a few other peoples attempts at building and using ffmpeg on Android I settled on the Vitamio build (again as have done the same process before) as it offers the best mix of features and also has a reasonably active community (even if I have to use translate from Chinese!).

First download the latest builds of Vitamio-FfmpegVitamioBundle and OpenSSL-Vitamio (Use git clone for these).

Download and install the latest Android NDK

Note that I run OSX so these tips are for that though should be near identical for linux.

Change into the directory for OpenSSL-Vitamio and run ndk-build

cd OpenSSL-Vitamio

Now we need to make sure that environment variables are available to support our build for the build_android script and then run the build script

export SSL=/path/to/OpenSSL-Vitamio
export ANDROID_NDK=/path/to/ndkinstall

For some reason my build was failing for arm7 due to linking of the ssl libs, to fix this I had to remove the –enable-openssl from the ffmpeg setup options in

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3 Responses to Playing HEVC/H.265 on Android with ffmpeg, libx265 and Vitamio

  1. Alex says:

    Hello, i was tryng to get a ffmpeg with x265 builf for android but with no succes. I try with virtualbox w ubunto but frustrated after several days with o succes. Im new in ubunto. Can you give me the build with x265 or help me for?

  2. sinclairmedia says:

    Hi – what are you after, just libx265 of ffmpeg with libx265 in it?

  3. Alex says:

    Hello sinclair i just want ffmpeg with libx265 for android, so, a build ready for android to be able to encode to 265. Can you write me an email to get in contact with me ?

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