S3 write performance with yas3fs – 100fps

While S3 is no match for EBS SSD’s it is quite surprising what kind of performance you can get out of it when used as a standard filesystem.

Using yas3fs https://github.com/danilop/yas3fs to join together some video files I am getting a solid 100fps with a 10-15Mbps source file which is quite usable for general encoding workloads.

Note that it is important to make sure you EC2 machine and S3 bucket are in the same region.


Setting up a simple proxy config to test geoblocking (or get around geoblocking)

This assumes you have 2 or more devices connected to the same network and that one of the machines is set up to run a proxy server such as Charles Proxy. This also serves as a simple tutorial on how to get devices to use a secure proxy/vpn/tunnel to either test or bypass IP based geo blocking / restriction services.

You will also need an ssh server such as a basic Linux instance in one of the Amazon regions.

1. On your OS X machine setup a ssh tunnel, note you need to replace the path to your .pem and also make sure you have the correct username and server address

ssh -D 8080 -C -N -i /path/to/your/server.pem ec2-user@someec2-server.com

2. Now that you have a port forward running you need to configure your Charles Proxy to also forward it’s traffic via this config, do this using “External Proxy Settings”

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 3.02.55 pm


3. Your proxy should no be listening on the port you setup e.g. port 8888 by default on Charles. Now configure your iOS or other device to point to the OS X device setup in step 1 as the proxy server. http://www.charlesproxy.com/documentation/faqs/using-charles-from-an-iphone/